FR25: Celebrating Pioneering in Robotics

Guestbook as of October 23, 2008

Bryon K. Smith, CMU Alunmi / Former Staff
Greeting former friends and colleges; hope to see some of you at the FR25 seminar and reception.

Dot Marsh
Red, Happy Birthday to you, and, of course, FRC. It was great being a part of FRC. We shared many many memories. I'll always remember our 2 hour Friday morning meetings. Thank you for being, not only my boss, but, a friend. May you have many,many happy days.

Edmond A. Grin, SETI Institute - NASA Ames Research Center
Hello Red, Each time I enter our Robotic center I feel proud to be where the scientific imagination were expressed in such a robotic perspective. I wish you an happy birthday in your sanctuary. You are a man of the future time. Edmond

Nathalie A. Cabrol, NASA Ames Research Center /
SETI Carl Sagan Center
Dear Red, I deeply regret not being able to join you for this dual celebration but I am soon departing for South America to explore those High Lakes as I have been doing for a few years now and I have to attend to the last details now. First, let me wish you a fantastic 60th birthday. From what I know of your accomplishments, having shared some of the robotics exploration with you -- and hoping to continue, I can certainly say that you can be proud of the path you have opened. The Field Robotics Institute is an exceptional achievement that is measured not only by the technological accomplishments, many of them firsts, but also by the intellectual legacy he has produced and will continue to. Many of your students are now at the heart of exploration, whether on Earth or somewhere in the Solar System. To me, your legacy (at this stage and for the many years to come) is that of a unique vision, once in a generation kind of vision. I am very proud of the projects we have brought to fruition together, hope there will be more. Happy Birthday, Red and many many more years of exceptional productivity. Best wishes, Nathalie

Bruce Foley, BEESHARP, INC. (CMU Alum)
Happy Birthday Red! Congratulations on all your success and leadership through the years. Thanks to you I had a fantastic experience as an undergrad working with the team that developed and built the Remote Reconaissance Vehicle in 1983. There were long hours, some all-nighters, and truly amazing people in an incredibly collaborative environment. Keep up the good work!

Michael Taylor, Caterpillar
Congratulations Red!

Myung Hwangbo, Carnegie Mellon

Kamol Chuengsatiansup, NanoRobotics Lab, MechE, CMU
I'm really fascinating on Field Robotics researches. This would be a really good opportunity for me. Thank you.

Joshua Debner, Lunar X-Prize
Yay Robots!

Mike Jochmann '78
Happy Birthday to Red Whitaker from an old alum who knew about Red when his hair (and beard) really was red! Seriously, Red was a great guy then and he's a great guy now. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and those of your teammates over the years.

Ekaterina Spriggs, Carnegie Mellon
What a tremendous opportunity to learn about the latest amazing technologies! I look forward to an inspiring talk by Red Whittaker!

Atilla Elci, Dept Comp Eng, & Internet Tech Research Center, Eastern Mediterranean University
Great event! Thanks for the opportunity to hop in.

Chris Fedor
I once stated that I wanted a temperature sensor on a robot. Red quickly responded "and I want hair - what's your point?” In that single moment I learned that engineering is a careful balance of trade offs between designs and resources. You can’t always fit everything you want into the constraints you have to work with. I also learned that those who worked with Red can seem to do the impossible. Dante did get a temperature sensor, though I must admit some duct tape was involved. I also recently noticed Red is sporting a distinguished looking beard. (No, I don’t think duct tape is involved.) Happy Birthday Red and may you continue to inspire others for another 60yrs.

Anan Liu, Robotics Institute, CMU
I love it! I hope to take part in it!

Soshi Iba, Honda R&D
Congraturations! I'm looking forward to insightful presentations through the webcast.

Todd Simonds, Concurrent Technologies Corp.
Congratulations Red! You've been fundamental for a quarter century. Best wishes for another 25.

Sarjoun Skaff
Congratulations on your life achievements Red! I am proud to have been involved in a small part of them. I really regret not being able to take part to the celebrations, but I am in China trying to serve Field Robotics in my own way.

Sam Kherat, Caterpillar Inc.
Red, Since the creation of the Field Robotics Center you have shown the world that robots are truly agents of choice. Congratulations on 25 years of historical achievements. Sam Kherat Caterpillar Inc., Manager, Pittsburgh Automation Center

Jim Frazier, cmu-nrec
Nice site, I remember some of those "bots". -f

Seiya Miyazaki, CMU
Thank you for your information.

Soek Won Bang
Dear Red Whittaker, Happy birthday! I pay my respect to you on your great achievements in field robotics during the past 25 years.

Benoit Morel
Look forward to celebrate CMU at its finest.

Bruce Thompson, McKesson Automation
As a sophomore ME student I was looking for a work/study job. On a tour of the Civil Engineering Labs, Red gave an inspirational view of the future of robotics, while standing on top of the Terregator – I was hooked. More than twenty years later (sheesh) I’m still working in robots and automation. Thanks Red for being a leader, visionary and never thinking it couldn’t (or can’t) be done. Have a great birthday!

Anan Liu
Best wishes to FR! Best wishes to CMU/RI! I am so lucky to meet with this big party! Hope to see interesting and powerful robotics!

Abhinav Gautam
Congratulations Red Whittaker and RI!

Clark, SEEGRID Corp, Red Team, Tartan Racing Team
Warmest regards to Red and the leaders he developed through innovative instructing methods. The Field Robotics Center provides life-long lessons that make scinece and engineering advances possible. Best of all, we create what others only dream or wish.

Dave Duggins, CMU, RI
A thrill to be part of the past, present and future.

Gary Baun, Gatan, Inc.
Entering the robotics world to work with Red was like being thrown in the deep end. With an MFA in Metalsmithing from CMU it meant I was an "out of the box" employee in an engineering world. As an artist, I enjoyed EVERY minute (even the overtime ones) helping to create ground breaking work in robotics, and trying to think "out of the box". Red- keep thinking, and working outside the box. Maybe I'll end up back at CMU? Thanks for making me feel like part of your family, and the robotics family!

Jebby Potter, class corresspondent, Class of 63
I am bonkers over robots. I own four of them to clean my homes at Chautauqua Lake, NY and Indian Wells, CA. Jim Morris invited us to the first Robotics Hall of Fame awards. Until last year, I never missed one. I have followed Red's career and ...for his birthday I say, "Go big Red!" (not to be confused with Cornell)

Juan Pablo Gonzalez, General Dynamics Robotic Systems
Congratulations Red! and thanks again for your immense contribution to Robotics

Barry Ives, Lockheed Martin ATL
Congratulations, Red!

Seiya Miyazaki, CMU
Thank you for your information.

Chih-Yang, CMU
Fantastic Event!

Jim Martin, National Robotics Engineering Center
Worked with Red from 1984. Helped renovate the Bureau of Mines Building C into the Field Robotics Center in 1985. I loved every weird moment of it.

Sarah Belousov, TechBridgeWorld research group/FRC/CMU
Congratulations field robotics colleagues on 25 amazing years of innovation and impact! I look forward to celebrating with you in just a couple weeks! And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED!

Kenneth Smith, The National Society of Black Engineers/Back Data Processing Associates

F. Meena Lakhavani, CMU- Computing Services
Dear Red, Happy 60th Birthday! Congratulations on your many achievements... with best wishes and regards, Meena

Robert Conway, Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation
Carnegie Mellon is unique in its capabilities, potential, and accumulated talent and experience in robotics. Red Whittaker is a true pioneer, and his work will be viewed as another Kitty Hawk moment in history when a new technology emerged that forever changed the world.

George Stetten, CMU Robotics Institute
These are the robots that people love the most, in space, on the farm, under the waves, to boldly go, R2D2, Asimov, our ultimate creation, our own image.

Juan Pablo Gonzalez, General Dynamics Robotic Systems
Congratulations Red! and thanks again for your immense contribution to Robotics

Jim Montgomery, National Robotics Engineering Center
Having performed for a few Christmas parties at the FRC in the 90s, it's a pleasure to actually be part of RI now and see how far things have come.

Spencer Barrett, Electro Scientific Industries
It has been way to long since I have been back to Pittsburgh. Remember the Past, Live the Present, Look to the Future.

Jim Garrett, CMU CEE
Happy Birthday Red! Ruth Ann and I wish you all the best on your 60th. You were a great CE instructor and we both enjoyed having you in class. Jim (CE '82, '83, '86) and Ruth Ann Garrett (CE '83)

Carl Wellington, CMU NREC
Field robotics needs people with big ideas who are willing to take risks. You've done this from the beginning and have been instrumental in building this field. Thank you.

Daniel Bartz, Ford Motor Company
Best Wishes!!

Jackie Libby, Robotics Institute, CMU
This sounds like a really amazing event. I'm very enthusiastic about being a new PhD student in the Field Robotics Center here at Carnegie Mellon, and it will be great to learn more about my new research community through this symposium. Happy Birthday Red!

Philip Lehman, Carnegie Mellon University
Congratulations on reaching these and many other milestones! This is an amazing place. Best wishes!

Sergio Sedas, Tecnologico de Monterrey
Red, Many years have gone by. Yet your teachings have not been forgotten. You have been an inspiration that has guided many of the ventures that I have undertaken. All of my students and many of the people that are part of my history have been directly or indirectly influenced by you. My time at FRC was incredible. Surrounded by extraordinary people. People that took something amazing that had never been done and turned it around as if it was easy. Kevin Dowling, Dave Wettergreen, Sanjiv, Tony Stentz, Fritz, Dimitrious, RJ Coulter, Jim Osborne, are just a few of the people that I will always remember. It is great to be part of that team. Best regards and the best of wishes. Sergio Sedas Gersey Class of 93

John Caruso, NASA GRC
It has been great to work with you and your team at CMU. I have significantly enjoyed the engineering discussions in the development of vehicles. I have also enjoyed the discussion of the vision for the future of robotics and the focus on robots for the moon and other space objects. Red, happy birthday and I wish you many more. jc

Philip Mason, CMU CS PhD Alum
I've been fascinated with Red's work since hearing him at an alumni lecture in Boston several years ago. Since I will be at CMU for my 40th undergrad class reunion during the FR25 conference, I will try to make time to sit in on some of the planned seminars.

Sergio Valcarcel, CMU - RI
See you there!

Wenjie Fu, CMU

Debbie Tobin, RI
Congratulations on 25 amazing years!

Liam Pedersen, Carnegie Mellon
An honor to attend!

Paul Bartlett, Logical Expression
To many more years of getting robots dirty and breaking them and defining the field.

Michael Sims, NASA Ames
Of the possible things for our community to celebrate - FRC's 25th and Red's 60th are about as good as you can get! - MHS

Ayan Kishore, Human Computer Interaction Institute
To the future of robotics! -Ayan Kishore

Young-Woo Seo , FRC, Robotics Institute
I'm honored to be invited to such a great event and looking forward to attend it

Hanns Tappeiner, CMU
Happy Birthday!

Cris Dima, CMU NREC
The FRC and Red helped put the RI on the robotics map. Thank you!

Nathaniel Fairfield, RI FRC
Best damn place to be.

Eakta Jain, RI FRC

Debadeepta Dey, Field Robotics Center
It will be a great honor to be there.

Duane Adams, CMU
Happy Birthday to FRC and to Red.

Debadeepta Dey, Field Robotics Center
It will be a great honor to be there.

Kurt Zimmerman
I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Steven Berman, IBM Pittsburgh and SMB Engineering
- Alumnus of the Civil Engineering Robotics Lab, Terregator and NavLab. ECE 1991, with Transarc Corp and IBM Corp in Pittsburgh since 1993. Red taught me by example how to manage people effectively and get a job accomplished.

Anne Watzman, Carnegie Mellon University
Dear Red, Happy birthday and congratulations on your many, many achievements. The world's population of working robots is growing all the time, largely due to your efforts. Someday robots you create will look down on Earth from the moon where they will be working to decipher its mysteries. Red Rover is just the first step. Best wishes, Anne Watzman


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