The official version. Christopher Geyer is a Project Scientist in the Field Robotics Center at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. In 2002 he completed his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in the GRASP Laboratory, where he also obtained his BSE in 1999. He has done research in the area of computer vision since 1997, and has authored a number of articles in computer vision and its applications to robotics and autonomous systems. In 2004 he led an effort at U.C. Berkeley, where he was a post-doc, to autonomously land a helicopter in AFRL's Software Enabled Control program. In 2005 he co-chaired the Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision, Camera Networks and Non-classical Cameras held in Beijing. In 2006 he worked on a vision-based person-tracking system for a legged robot, and has been working on applications involving aerial imagery such as collision avoidance with other aircraft and security.