Official OMNIVIS 2005 Programme

(30 minutes are allocated for per talk, which includes 5 minutes for questions.)

8:15-8:45AM Please set-up posters

8:45-9:00AM Welcome and Introduction

9:00-10:00AM First Oral Session – Sensors

  1. Single Camera Catadioptric Stereo System
    Gijeong Jang, Seongho Kim, and Inso Kweon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  2. Geometric Models of Rolling-Shutter Cameras
    Marci Meingast (U.C. Berkeley), Christopher Geyer (CMU) and Shankar Sastry (U.C. Berkeley)

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:00PM Second Oral Session – Calibration

  1. Towards Generic Camera Self-Calibration
    Srikumar Ramalingam (UC Santa Cruz), Peter Sturm (INRIA) and Suresh K. Lodha (UC Santa Cruz)

  2. Linear Catadioptric Camera Calibration from Sphere Images
    Xianghua Ying and Hongbin Zha (Peking University)

  3. Using Geometrical Constraints for Fisheye Camera Calibration
    Christopher C. Davis and Tzung-Hsien Ho (UMD College Park)

  4. Calibration of Cameras with Radially Symmetric Distortion
    Jean-Philippe Tardif (U. Montreal) and Peter Sturm (INRIA)

12:00-1:30PM Lunch Break

1:30-3:00AM Third Oral Session – Structure from Motion

  1. Automatic Structure and Motion using a Catadioptric Camera
    Maxime Lhuillier (LASMEA-UMR)

  2. Two- and Three- View Geometry for Spherical Cameras
    Akihiko Torii, Atsushi Imiya and Naoya Ohnishi (Chiba)

  3. Trifocal Tensor for Heterogeneous Cameras
    SriRam Thirthala and Marc Pollefeys (UNC)

3:00-4:30PM Poster Session & Coffee Break (list of posters below)

4:30-6:00PM Fourth Oral Session – Matching and Camera Networks

  1. Feature Matching Across 1D Panoramas
    Amy Briggs, Yunpeng Li and Daniel Scharstein,(Middlebury College)

  2. Image Based Routing for Image Based Rendering
    Daniel Crispell (Brown University)

  3. Moving Object Segmentation Using Background Supermodels
    Joshua Migdal, Tomas Izo and Chris Stauffer (MIT)

6:00PM Closing Remarks

Poster Session (3:00-4:30PM)

  1. Partial Calibration and Mirror Shape Recovery for Non-Central Catadioptric Systems
    Nuno Goncalves and Helder Araujo (University of Coimbra)

  2. Calibration Method for Misaligned Catadioptric Camera
    Tomohiro Mashita, Yoshio Iwai and Masahiko Yachida (Osaka University)

  3. Omnidirectional Sparse Visual Path Following with Occlusion-Robust Feature Tracking
    Toon Goedeme, Tinne Tuytelaars, Luc Van Gool, Gerolf Vanacker and Marnix Nuttin (K. U. Leuven)

  4. Panoramic 3D Reconstruction Using Rotating Camera with Planar Mirrors
    Wei Jiang (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  5. Visual Localization and Loop-back Detection with a High Resolution Omnidirectional Camera
    Chanop Silpa-Anan and Richard Hartley (Australian National University)

  6. High Dynamic Range Video Using Split Aperture Camera
    Hongcheng Wang (UIUC), Ramesh Raskar (MERL), and Narendra Ahuja (UIUC)

  7. Wheelchair Tracking and Following using CAMShift algorithm applied to Omnidirectional Vision
    Cyril Cauchois, Fabrice de Chaumont, Bruno Marhic and Laurent Delahoche (Picardie)

  8. Robust Detection of 3D Scene Horizontal and Vertical Lines in Conical Catadioptric Sensors
    Andrea Bonarini, Matteo Matteucci and Carlo Pinciroli (Milano)

  9. An Easy Non-iterative Method for Correcting Lens Radial Distortion from Point Correspondences
    Hongdong Li and Richard Hartley (Australian National University)

  10. Localization of 3D Lines from Single Images using Off-axis Catadioptric Cameras
    Caglioti Vincenzo and Simone Gasparini (Politecnico di Milano)

  11. Calibration and Performance Evaluation of Omnidirectional Sensor with Compound Spherical Mirrors
    Yuichiro Kojima, Ryusuke Sagawa, Tomio Echigo and Yasushi Yagi (Osaka University)

  12. Estimating Parameters of Non-Central Catadioptric Systems Using Bundle Adjustment
    Nuno Goncalves and Helder Araujo (University of Coimbra)

  13. Large-Field-of-View Stereo for Automotive Applications
    Stefan Gehrig (Daimler-Chrysler)

  14. Omni-directional Multi-baseline Stereo without Similarity Measures
    Tomokazu Sato and Naokazu Yokoya (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

  15. Linear Distributed Localization of Omni-Directional Camera Networks
    William Mantzel (Rice University)

  16. Solutions to Minimal Generalized Relative Pose Problems
    Henrik Stewénius (U. of Kentucky), David Nistér (U. of Kentucky), Magnus Oskarsson (Lund U.), Kalle Åström (Lund U.)

  17. Multi-Viewpoint Uncompressed Capture and Mosaicking with a High-Bandwidth PC Camera Array
    Haryln Baker (HP Labs), Donald Tanguay (HP Labs), and Constantin Papadas (Integrated Systems Development, Athens, Greece)